The Importance Of Homelessness In Atlanta

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There are many economic and sociologic problems that face our society today. Unemployment, health care, and a failing educational system are some challenging topics in our society today. The issues that face today’s generation are unique to the pressures of the times and the complexity of how we live. Homelessness is at an all-time high in our country today and it is a situation that effects people world-wide. Being homeless is when you do not have a permanent place to live. In Atlanta, there are over seven thousand people that are currently homeless. The homeless population in Atlanta consists of hundreds of men, women, and children. This statistic alone inspired me to use homelessness in Atlanta as a platform for my service learning project.…show more content…
The objective or mission of my project is to help teach homeless people job skills to better equip them for the workforce. The desired result is to help people develop the skills needed to acquire and maintain gainful employment. My ultimate objective is to prolong the life span of the homeless population in metro Atlanta. With that being said, I have decided to do my service learning project at the Atlanta Mission. The Atlanta Mission is a non-profit organization that is based out of Atlanta and their primary objective is to eliminate homelessness within the city. The Atlanta mission offers transitional housing, a shelter for men, and a shelter for women, thrift store operations, addiction recovery, and job training
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