The Importance Of Homelessness In Oklahoma City

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The amount of homeless people in Oklahoma City is unacceptable and must be fixed. The city should do more to help people that are homeless get back on their feet, because no one should have to live on the streets and feel like a second-class citizen. The homeless shelters are constantly bombarded with hundreds of hungry and hopeless people every night, and seeing people laying around and constantly asking others for money can make people feel uncomfortable and has been a sore sight for Oklahoma City for a long time.
No one should have to live on the streets, it is inhumane, even though people make bad decisions that greatly affect their lives they should be given a second chance. In addition to this, people who live on the streets also have
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Oklahoma City is a growing and vibrant place we are starting to get many tourists, building more schools and getting several sports teams. The homeless population can take away from the beautiful sights in Oklahoma City and it needs to be fixed. When people are looking for houses and businesses in Oklahoma they do a lot of research, people do not want to start a family or a business in an area filled with homeless people hanging around all day because it makes them feel unsafe. Plus, it makes it seem as though it is a rough area with a lot of crime. Often times people will associate homeless population with crime rates even though the crime rate does not necessarily go up to the homeless presence in the area. However, there are for sure people on the street that play a part in the increasing crime rates in some neighborhoods but just because they are homeless does not mean that they are criminals. A lot of times people that are homeless are veterans because they are suffering from some sort of mental disorder and they cannot hold down a job or they could not find a job after they got out of the military. And being in the military myself I can say first hand that fellow members are very hardworking and sacrifice so much day in and day out most of which people do not even realize so it really sucks to see veterans living on the streets they fought to
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