The Importance Of Homeschooling Education

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It is possible if one day all of the public school will be shut down. When we discuss about the education, parents have options to decide their children education. What parents wants for their children is to get everything in terms of knowledge gained, the implications and the appropriate environment for their children learning. We know that basically parents must send their children to public school when the time has comes. It is become the norm for all parents that believing only public schools were able to make their children successful. Public schools have become the priority for all parents because they can have less responsibility on managing children 's learning. In a democratic country, it becomes a responsibility for the government to provide education for its citizens. The government also provided learning equipment for students such as lab apparatus, computer lab, computer equipment and curriculum set. Besides government efforts, parents need to know that there are other ways to give learning for their children. The another way to give a learning for their children is by homeschooling learning. Homeschooling is also known as the education for children in the house. Lessons are usually taught at home by their parents or tutor. Children will learn at home, but the education is following public school system via the Internet or correspondence and parents are strictly becoming mentors. The actual instruction is performed by a certified teacher by use of a curriculum

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