The Importance Of Homeschooling

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Homeschooling is a dynamic development around the nation and the world, in which fathers and mothers instruct their kids at home as opposed to sending them to a customary open or tuition based school (Martin, 2015). Some parents believe that homeschooling is safer for their children than public schools and would make the family ties getting closer. They think if they teach their child they can raise their own child the way they want them to be. Parents have a right to choose what is best for their children but does a child have the same right? In the US parents are deemed to have absolute right over their children thus decide how their children receive education overlooking the fact that children also have rights and as the modern society we need to step in the ensure children get education. In my opinion, all what these parents thinks or believes it absolutely wrong and homeschooling will affect to their children. However, parents should not let children to be homeschooling because homeschooling leads to lower standard of education, less social life, and difficult for find rank high jobs.
Low standard of education is one of the reasons of why parents should not let children to be homeschooling. First of all, a few parents do not get the obligatory education to homeschooling, in this way they will not give the top education to the children. Parents should understand that their generation is different from their children. According to Bringer (2015), sometimes homeschooling
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