Homosexuality In Ancient Greece Essay

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From 3000 BC to 431 BC was the time period of the Ancient Greeks. What have made this time so memorable is for their great democracy, theater, athletics and the gods, and not to forget, the openness for homosexuality.

In ancient greece children belonging to a higher class were usually brought up separated from children of the opposite sex. This was of course a factor to why homosexual relationship were as common as they were. A big difference from today is that homosexuality during ancient greece was not an exclusive preference and it was not uncommon to have same-sex relationships during your youth but then settling down with a partner of the opposite sex. In greece at the time homosexuality was not a sin or something shameful but rather
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The age difference was important, the young muscular, innocent body was worshiped by the older men. If you were gay in ancient greek you were thought of as being more blessed then other straight or even lesbians.

Homosexuality between women (status)
The daily life for a woman in greek are quite unknown for us today. Their biggest role was to bear children, they lived enclosed, protected and monitored. Though in Sparta, females had more freedom and even got education. Homosexuality among females was definitely not spoken about as much as between men, and it was not classified as as nice as a man and a man or even a man and a woman. Therefore, there are not as much recording in art, literature and philosophy as there is for males. Even though females had the same rights as males had, they still did not get the same social sanction as males got.
Sexual intercurse between femals where know for being a lot more pleasurable rather than sex between a male and a female. One time when Zeus visited the island Lesbos, one female said no to having any kind of sexual intercurse with him. Then he gave the island a horrible spell, but forty years later he finally broke the
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