The Importance Of Honesty And Integrity

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The data in the table conveys honesty and integrity as the most voted personal attribute/special skill among the rest. It means majority (90.08%) of the graduates are honest and with integrity. Second on the rank is their willingness to learn. Still, majority (86.26%) of the graduates possess this certain type of skills in which they can offer at their work. Professionalism comes next in line wherein also majority (83.21%) of the graduates voted. The ninth on the rank with most (63.36%) of the graduates possess is being loyal and dedicated. Next in line is stress tolerance, which is also possessed by most (61.83%) of the graduates. Subsequent to that, most of the graduates also claim that they are negotiating and persuading (60.31%) and excellent…show more content…
And lastly are the skills that were added by a few (3.82%) graduates who claimed that they are humble, patient, motivating and that they have common sense. Honesty and Integrity ranked first in the special skill that graduates can offer best. Honesty and Integrity are regarded as the highest virtues to be found in a public servant. This also implies to those who are working in the private sectors. Performing the assigned task without being tempted by vices and self- interest is honesty and firm adherence to a code of moral and artistic values is integrity.…show more content…
As one of the respondent said, "If you are treated well, perform at your best. If you're not, leave." Employers who are in engaged with efforts in trying to improve employee engagement offers proof that engaged employees are more loyal and committed to the company. When employees feel they are given importance by their company, this does not only boost the employees’ self-esteem but it also creates security to their well-being. B.) shows that graduates are very satisfied with their colleagues’ treatment. The researchers agree to the findings shown in table 7 under peer motivation that states "one of their work motivations is because they have friends at work." Graduates are very particular in creating harmonious relationship in their working environment, thus this keep their team together and make work better. If one can't work well with others, this does not only create barriers in communication but also affects their output. C.) shows that graduates are satisfied with the salary they receive. Graduates seek employment because they simply want to work and they want to receive their own salary. Although they are very satisfied with their management and colleagues’ treatment, this goes to show that many people see work as an integral part of their lives and not just an opportunity to earn money. If their salary can suffice their family and personal needs, they are most likely satisfied with it.

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