The Importance Of Honor Code In School

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A person 's character can set them up for their future. Is your character and the way you go through life , the way you want your future? Character is defined as the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual. Many people choose who they surround themselves with people who have upstanding morals and earned what they received for their future. The honor code is a significant way to build up a great character and prepare you for your future without cheating your way through. While people may not follow it and keep it a secret, there should be an honor code in schools because it prevents cheating, keeps people accountable by consequences, and we want to live in a trustful environment. Granted, some students cheat and do not get caught; however, an honor code could help prevent students from cheating. Studies show that cheating in schools has reached the highest point. Kids who cheat their way through high school or college are cheating one another out a proper school education (Broussard 27 ). In view of the fact that kids are cheating their way through school, when they get into the world with real jobs, they will not be doing the right things at the right times. Secondly, with this honor code, it will not only make people hold themselves accountable , but it will make them hold their peers accountable as well (Vangelli). In the incident of anyone cheating, students have signed saying they will turn themselves in for their act of cheating. However, they have not
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