The Importance Of Hope In The Holocaust

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Imagine a life where you are face to face with death and fear, sitting in camps wondering if that day would be your last. In 1933 the holocaust started. The holocaust was the time of death and fear. In the end about six million Jews were killed and imprisoned. They were captured and sent to concentration camps and extermination camps. The extermination camps were the worst and once people got their they were immediately killed. While in concentration camps they were used to do slave jobs and hoped to not be chosen to go on "marches" that they would never return from. The best way to get through this time was taking it day by day and having hope. The spirit does triumph and Anne Frank, Etty Hillesum, and Syvia Perlmutter are great examples of people who kept hope during the holocaust. They found hope in different ways such as being with family, writing letters or diary entries, and by finding the good in things.
First and foremost, they kept hope by having their family and loved ones by their side. Syvia kept her spirits up this way. In the story love about Syvia, author Jennifer Roy quoted, "I guess I think these words out loud, because suddenly everyone is looking at me. Then they all burst into laughter. Papa, Dora, even Mother." Syvia and her family were in the ghettos or the small homes and were in a hard time. They were all together, and she was with her mother, papa, and her sister Dora. They all were sad, but then they had each other and Syvia made everyone laugh.
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