The Importance Of Hopes In Youth

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Let us begin by asking, why did the Swamiji place hopes in youth? There are two obvious reasons. One is the natural idealism of youth. Youth are not yet saddled with the weight of the difficulties of life, the disappointments, the failures. They are not yet resigned to the status quo but look at life and the world with openness, seeing possibilities rather than problems. The second reason is the tremendous energy of youth. Youth are dynamos of potential energy, ready and waiting to find fields of expression. Why in some countries have the youth turned to terrorism and destruction and mayhem? Because that tremendous energy has to go somewhere, and if it doesn’t have positive ideals to serve, and a positive channel to flow through, it becomes frustrated and then becomes destructive. There is thankfully no need for that here, because Swami Vivekananda has opened vast fields of opportunity to youth which no government can seal off, no old traditions can forbid, no old fears can cloud. Swamiji looked to youth with hope because of your innate idealism and your tremendous energy, but also because once that energy is joined to that idealism, you are unstoppable. Great energy joined to idealism is power, because it gives the confidence that something can be done! However, here lies a danger-the danger of power. In the first film, Spiderman is told by his Uncle Ben the now famous words, ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ Indeed a
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