The Importance Of Horror In Dracula

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Dracula (1931) use a distinctive supernatural style of costume to describe the character. This establishes the genre (horror) and a spectacle for audience’s expectations. It enthrals the audience with the chad black cape, integral to Dracula’s appearance. It defines the fear and mystery instilled to the audience. The director provides emphasis to the antagonist as something abnormal and separate from humanity. Through setting, Harry Potter evokes fear in the audience. Certain elements build towards the feeling of darkness, with the foreboding world used to emit fear. The setting scares audiences, inhabited by ghosts and spirits. It evokes a malign presence, evident in these scenes. The spaces are unearthly and mysterious, eliciting the element of the unknown, while adding to darkness. This stimulates an atmosphere of suspense and mystery, medieval times. It scares audiences by posing as a threat to humans. Paranormal activity uses lighting that dims the opacity of a scene to suit the genre (horror). The director deliberating darkens the set to emit the fear and suspense, needed to engage the viewer. It emphasises mystery in the audience, and intensifies the event occurring. Liam Neeson’s enactment of Bryan Mills in Taken assist in creating a connection between audience and character. The acting creates a dramatic composition, producing strong and potent emotion. This technique is enunciated to parents; in the fear they have for their own child. In this ways, the audience
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