The Importance Of Hospital Food In Hospitals

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Hospitals save lives when there is an emergency. They also have a special responsibility to be a healing institution that teaches patients on how to take good care of themselves and avoid illness. Unfortunately, the food plans in hospitals are not as per the requirement of the patients. It is almost exactly against the same illness that the doctors are trying to treat. In the Unites States, the problem of not looking into the nutrient value that is provided to the patients is of a really major concern. But, unfortunately, this is not getting into the ears of the government. The research based on hospital food has almost become outdated as it seems to be of no use as it does not change the same old cafeteria options. The results of the researches taken in 1990s and early 2000s shows that patients suffer nutrient deficiencies and even malnutrition during their treatment period itself. Thinking on a larger scale, Hospital food administration is a complex concern. Most of the hospitals work with large food manufacturers that are similar to school food caterers, etc. Thus, the hospital management does not focus on giving the right food for the right person at the right time. Most of the hospital canteens ' food affects the health of the patients. Hospital is supposed to be a second home for patients who are suffering from illness. But when the food supplied by hospitals to the ill patients are not healthy, what will happen to the rest of the people? Our start up, Nutri+ aims to

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