The Importance Of Hospitality

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Why Australia?
One of the main reasons I chose Australia is that the degrees and the qualification from Australia are known around the world as high quality and world class. Australia is arising as one of the most popular education nerve center for international students due to its top class living standards, wonderful opportunities and experiences.
It comprises of breathtaking landscapes, enchanting climatic conditions and of course reasonable study costs etc. With the multicultural diversity that Australia represents, students like me would benefit in the terms of learning new cultures and traditions. Australia has entrenched itself as one of the top education destination in the world.
Because of its wide range of study options and courses,
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This assisted me to face competitions and led to the improvement of my overall development.
Hospitality, being one of the most trending subjects, it opens doors in every sort of Hospitality sectors. It can be stated as the subject that prepares you for the career across borders. Over the few decades, the field of Hospitality has been changing dramatically along with the explosive trends of the computer revolution, the globalization of business, tourism industry. In this increasingly complex and competitive business environment, Hospitality skills are very much in demand. Thus, Hospitality is called as a dynamic career.
As mentioned above, Hospitality being a dynamic career, it imparts various career opportunities. My home country (Nepal) is a developing nation. It is gradually moving and maintaining its avenue to be stated as a developed nation. Yet it still lacks advancement and expansion in the hospitality field and the prime reason is the inadequacy of adept and proficient human
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Further more, all internship Placements must be approved by the work Integrated Learning coordinator prior to commencement. Most of the courses are matched with my previous Diploma in Hotel Management and it will be good point for me as I have basic knowledge about that subjects. I come to know that, each year have 2 session, each session has four subjects, whereby Year 1, Session 2 includes; Hospitality Services Management, Tourism Theories and Practices, Accommodation operations and Marketing Principles and so on. I strongly believe that SCU and its enthusiastic, skilled and excellent professors and faculty members would lead me to my goals and help me throughout the course to polish and develop my skills to emerge as a competent Hospitality Professional to the tomorrow
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