The Importance Of Hospitality In The Hotel Industry

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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND 5 percent of the Global Domestic Product (GDP) in the world is from tourism activities. Tourism is in the fourth position after fuels, chemicals and automotive products in global exports, approximately 30 per cent of world exports of commercial services (UNWTO, 2013). According to Tourism Malaysia (2015), Malaysia had received RM72 billion and 27.44 million tourists in 2014, and a total of 4,072 hotels have been used to accommodate the tourists. Hotel industry serves as a provider of accommodation to tourists and travelers. Hospitality means to serve the people and reflect the consistent quality and excellence. Hogan (2008) explains that hospitality should be a "place", where every individual can still maintain their style and personality. Tourism and hospitality industry is the industry 's largest and fastest growing in the world (Walker, 2010). Furthermore, Kasavana and Brooks (2007) mentioned that both the industry is divided into five fractions such as accommodation (hotel, homestay and motel), transportation (buses, ships, trains, and planes), food and beverages (restaurants, bars and cafes), grocery stores (souvenirs, gift and craft stores), as well as activities such as recreation, tourism, education, celebration and business. Currently, travelers prefer to stay in a hotel that practice green. In general, Cook et al. (1992) have indicated that consumers are concerned about the environment and ecology are willing to spend more
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