The Importance Of Human Body Language In The Media

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Human body language is a way of showing expression with communication. Spoken words are not the only things that determine our communication. Non-verbal communication refers to the face, hand gestures, and body movement. A combination of these can be very crucial to our overall communication. Everyone’s truth can come out with nonverbal communication resulting in good and bad outcomes on image. Studies have shown that 93% of what we communicate is nonverbal. Every movement of body language in business can be viewed as the opportunity for profit and the ability to maximize.
Non-verbal communication can be easily shown from several world leaders. A Politician’s body language is constantly being reviewed and can easily give them away. President Nixon gets welcomed to the podium on November 13, 1973. The discussion in question is Watergate. Nixon holds a televised question and answer with news outlets and newspaper editors. President Nixon gives away his body language in several ways. The introduction to the audience was rather defensive. As questioning begins, his hands reside behind his back indicating nothing being kept secret. Body language expert, Janine Driver gives an insight on Nixon’s hand placement. Both of his hands were together with his thumb rubbing up and down. It is simply reassurance to himself that he can get through it. Politicians are always on the front line for the media. The 2008 debate shown between Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama showed how “Image is
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