The Importance Of Human Development Index

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Investigating report Research question: Does solving more problems can higher the rank of HDI in particular country? Human Development Index (HDI) is a tool to measure the level of achievement in a country; it isn’t only about economic growth but also social and economic dimensions. The social and economic dimensions talks about health of people, level of education attained and standards of living in a country. Human development index examines three important criteria of economic development: 1. Life expectancy: it is a measure of average time (in years) an organism is expected to live. 2. Education: It is a wide topic that talks about gain of knowledge. 3. Income wealth: it talks about the average earnings of every person which showed be sustainable. This is used to create overall score between 0 and 1. HDI plays an important role for a country because it is one of the best tools which keep track of the level of development in a country although it covers all the indicators which are responsible for human development. Norway has ranked the top in Human Development Index with the score of 0.944. It is a developed country and it is named as “The world’s best country to live in”. Later Australia comes in the second best country in the world. In Norway, life expectancy was lower at 81.6 years and the mean years of schooling
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