The Importance Of Human Management To Human Resource Management

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It is a scientific fact that a human brain is 87 million times more efficient than a standard computer, not only can it store more information, it is more creative, better at multitasking and even problem solving; no matter how evolved the technology humans are still more valuable than machines. In a world of daily change and amazing technological advances, organizations are going more for machines when it comes to doing simple jobs but today more than ever they are aware of the importance of the human factor, and suddenly what was seen yesterday as just one more tool the company’s greater plans has become and asset that is in some fields at the center of it all.
So how did we go from ‘you are my property as a worker’ to ‘you are an essential asset to my organization and even my success’? Well it only took a few hundred years for that to happen and this is how we went from simple plain Personnel Management to Human Resource Management.
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With the industrial revolution workers were working longer hours under extremely hard conditions to maximize profits and reach the target profits, as a response to many labor riot action was taken by the government to provide basic rights to protect the labor force, factory owners were then forced to comply with such statutory regulations and in order to do so they had to set up a formal mechanism to look into workers wages and welfare, and address other issues concerning labor. This led to the emergence of Personnel Management as a distinct
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