The Importance Of Human Progress

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Human progress is inevitable. There has always been inventions made to improve the quality of life for humans of a day-to-day basis. Whether it was the invention of the wheel, or when Steve Jobs unveiled the new iPhone, we have always had new developments in technology. Although, more recent advancements in technology have allowed machines to replace jobs that were once done by humans. This can become a problem as many people may think that we people will eventually not have jobs in the future. While some people may feel this way it is very unlikely that we as humans will find ourselves jobless anytime in the future. Even though it may be difficult to imagine that not all the jobs humans have will be taken over by machines, this is how people have felt for centuries about new advancements in technology. We may not even be able to imagine the types of jobs that humans will hold in the future although, we must not remain limited to what we can imagine today. Automation in the future will improve society because it will create new interesting jobs in the future. There are many reasons as to why humans will continue to have jobs in the future. One of the many reasons is that people actually enjoy working. There are many careers today in which people must be present for everything to run smoothly. There are also many jobs that people would not want to give up to let robots to take over, “[The Industrialization] led to a greater percentage of the population to decide that
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