The Importance Of Human Resource Management

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Human resource management is a succession of combined results about the occupational affiliation that affects the usefulness of employees and organizations (Milkovich & Boudreau, 1994).
Human resource management has become a very vital part of any organization because employees are an organization’s most important assets. Some human resource management activities include; recruitment, training and development and compensation and benefits. Although plant, machinery, and financial assets are means required by organizations, the people – human resources, are predominantly very necessary. Human resources afford the innovative incentive in any organization (Milkovich & Boudreau, 1994).

According to Greening and Turban (2000), this is now a period when business accomplishment is dependent more on a extraordinary excellence workforce, businesses are progressively becoming conscious of the necessity to draw the best workers to their companies.

Scarpello & ledvinka (1988) indicated that recruitment is one of the best vital human resource management practices since it is one of the primarily stages in an organization’s pursuit to get the paramount employees into its workforce. It comprises of having the finest person doing a job at the exact time. It is the pillar of any organization that understands that its employees as its most vital assets. However, recruitment can often time be a challenging job for organizations because it includes full

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