The Importance Of Human Resource Planning

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xecutive Summary
Human resource planning is defined as an approach of managing people systematically with a goal of ensuring maximum motivation. This is done in order to ensure that the contribution of employees towards realization of organizational goals is optimized. However, there exists a debate of whether Human Resource Planning has any connection with best practice in organizations that are successful (Thite,2013). The main objective of this paper will be to determine whether indeed, Human Resource Planning is critical to best practice in successful organizations. The paper is going to use KIA Motors as the reference company in the assessment. The other sub-objective to be achieved by the paper is to determine whether HRM planning is
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According to Civil Service Branch (1996), there are five steps in developing a HRM plan. The first one is ensuring that an analysis of departmental strategy is conducted (Thite,2013). This works to the effect of bringing out the mission and vision of every department. This enables a comparison with those of the larger organization in order to determine whether every department is on track with the mission and the vision of the organization. Secondly, issues concerned with Human Resource arising from the analysis are analysed. Thirdly, the ongoing issues related to HR that usually impact the effectiveness of various departments are identified.
The fourth step of developing a successful HRM plan is making a priority regarding the identified ongoing as well as strategic issues. This step is usually of great importance because its results determine the actions to be taken by the relevant individuals. The last step involves the drawing of the plan after a critical and strict follow up of the first four
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Evidently, the company has a connection between best practice and the human resource plan. The reason is that KIA motors have a goal of attaining satisfaction for all stakeholders and industry players that have interest in the company. The goal is integrated with the Human Resource Plan to ensure that best practice is achieved (Walker, 2000). KIA has special emphasis on the customers while making its HRM plan. This is done through issues like appropriate training which ensures that the employees in the company have both technical and ethical capability of serving customers in a satisfactory manner. Therefore, by including training in the Human Resource Management Plan, the company achieves best practice to

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