Protection Of Human Rights Essay

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First and foremost, let us define first what a right is. Reduced to its simplest form, it is a moral or legal entitlement to have or obtain something or to act in a certain way. As humans, we are entitled to our rights. What are these for? Simply put, it is imperative to ensure respect when it comes to our existence. Generally, we have the right to life, right to liberty, and right to property.
Contrary to the protection of human rights, there is an emergence of flagrant violations committed by some governments who imprison, torture, and execute their own people (Zulueta, 2003). This particular dilemma is highly alarming. It is a big irony. As an aggregate of authorities which rule the state, it plays a vital role in protecting and upholding
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We are pertaining to the consent of states here. Let us put into account that there is an emergence of diverse laws; uniformity is elusive as peace. The common example is the death of penalty. Countries such as China and Indonesia are adopting death of penalty. The major inconsistency here might be the absence of the observance of due process of law. It is matter of life and death. Nevertheless, on my own perspective, I cannot tolerate heinous crimes and recidivism. Together with my arguments, let me reiterate the human rights’ characteristics. Fundamentally, human rights are universal, inalienable, interconnected, indivisible, and non-discriminatory (The Advocates for Human Rights). Human rights are universal in a sense that these belong to all people; inalienable in a way that these cannot be taken away and undermined; interconnected because these are dependent on one another; indivisible for the reason that these cannot be treated in isolation; and lastly, non-discriminatory in a sense that these should be protected and respected without prejudice. It must be noted that laws on human rights offer vital protection to all purposes regardless of war or hostilities. Again, human rights must be respected because these are the foundation of becoming a human living in a highly globalized

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