Essay On Female Empowerment

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As a young girl, my mother always taught me to be independent. On a daily basis she reminded me of my rights as not only an American citizen, but as a (future) independent woman. Female empowerment has always been a topic of interest throughout my life. Having a mother who worked her way to America and built her life up from her monthly allowance she had made selling chocolate bars on the street in a province in the Philippines, I soon realized that I owed it to my mom to work hard and take advantage of the resources that she was not given. As a female American citizen, I recognize all of the opportunities that are simply handed to me on a silver platter. On the other hand, through my experience taking AP Human Geography, I also know what true poverty looks like. I believe that it is our duty as not only Americans but as humans, to help further the development of these periphery countries. More specifically, by addressing the extremely high total fertility rates…show more content…
We must work to decrease this gap between the developed and the developing world. Our unalienable rights as Americans should apply to every human living on planet Earth. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Concepts that many people in America take advantage of. We are so incredibly lucky to be living in a country with proper medical infrastructures, clean water, and free public education. Sadly enough, most people do not realize this. My knowledge about this topic drives my motivation to pursue a path in the field of public health. I hope to one day implement the reforms discussed above. I find my purpose in this world to empower women for the greater good of the country, just like my mother has empowered me. Although a world without poverty, world hunger, political corruption, economic disparities, inequality, and environmental issues is quite unrealistic and may be impossible to accomplish, it certainly cannot hurt to
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