The Importance Of Human Rights In India

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Human rights covers all those rights and privileges that a person is entitled to by the virtue of being a human. These rights are much talked about worldwide. Various legislators, thinkers, leaders, philosophers have preached about these rights and have brought about significant changes in the world. India, too, has had great patrons of human rights in history and still continues to have some. However, in spite of such great men in the country, India faces a huge problem of human rights violation with little efforts taken by the system to prevent it. Developmental aspects in India only include the economy and infrastructure but, social evils, in spite of being a great threat, are neglected and overlooked; people who come forward are conspired against and killed. Such is the plight of the nation where once lived people like Mother Teresa, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Gokhale, Tilak and the other revolutionaries of the olden times. Human rights imply the liberties and privilege of certain freedom that we inherit by the virtue of being a human. These rights lead us to a better standard of life. They’re fundamental to our existence and cannot be alienated from us. The concept of Human Rights came to face the world in a prominent form post World War- II. Philosophers like John Locke, Jean-Jacques Burlamaqui preached the then new trend of these rights and their importance. It gained popularity during the French Revolution and American Revolution.

In the modern era, Human Rights has
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