The Importance Of Human Rights In Pakistan

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INTRODUCTION The purpose of this report is to spread awareness about the importance of Human Rights in Pakistan. Human Rights are the basic freedom rights provided to every human alive. It clearly states that every human is equal irrespective of their cast, race, gender, ethnicity, religion, language or nationality How they are Important Human rights are important for those who are suffering from abuse, injustice, degradation and imprisonment in society. It gives people (especially from low status and power) freedom from torture and degrading treatment from people of higher power and status. It limits the power a person can have on another person. In the relationship between individuals and government that has power over every individual, the human rights states that, that power is limited. It forces the government of any state to look after the needs of its people and save their freedom. It means everyone is equal and has the right to do whatever they want. No individual or party has any right over another person. Human Rights in Pakistan Pakistan has a status of a developing and sovereign Islamic country as well as a democratic Islamic state with a mixture of secular and Islamic laws. The situation of Human rights In Pakistan…show more content…
It further explains that due to capitalism, the capitalists have created unequal structure for the poorest classes enabling the powerful classes to exploit the rights and control the fate of the lower class. Pakistan seems as no exception to exploitation of slavery and labour that is going on in the darker corners of the world. Bonded labour and women are the weak segments of policy focus in Pakistan. According to authors it’s a very complex process to study bonded labour in Pakistan due to certain constraints that reside in form of culture, society and political
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