Human Rights Violations In Somalia

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MONITORING Monitoring, in case of Somalia concerns the overall task of collecting human rights abuse reports and reporting them to the international community. Monitoring is a precondition to protection (Paffenholz). Serious abuse of human rights is a call for the international community to take action regarding the protection of civillians. Many international organizations have been able to report on the abuses of human rights in Somalia. The OHCHR released a document in 2011 that highlights the condition of human rights in Somalia and talks about the work it has been doing in Somalia. The main problem represented in the document is the serious violation of human rights that the citizens of Somalia have been facing since the start of the conflict.…show more content…
The document is pretty vague and steers clear of human rights violations carried out by its own people, rather puts the attention on the fighters and the government only. At times, it gives us new possibilities for the reason of human rights violation. In the document it reads: The collapse of the humanitarian situation has further aggravated the human rights crisis and resulted in massive displacement of Somalis from the Southern regions into TFG-controlled territories and across the borders into Ethiopia and Kenya. The vulnerability of the displaced has raised acute protection concerns. In the margins of the 18th session of the Human Rights Council, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights has advocated for a human rights based approach to the immediate, medium and long-term strategies for addressing the food crisis (OHCHR,…show more content…
The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights supports the Independent Expert on the situation of Human Rights in Somalia appointed by the Human Rights Council. The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights implements its Somalia programme through the Human Rights Unit of the UN Political Mission for Somalia (UNPOS) which was established in 1995 to advance the cause of peace and reconciliation in Somalia. The Human Rights Unit was created in 2008 with a broad mandate to carry out monitoring and capacity-building, as well as to mainstream human rights within the activities of the UN Country Team for Somalia (OHCHR, 2011). The OHCHR has released its response to the problem in Somalia. The document

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