The Importance Of Human Rights In Tibet

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Another issue is human rights and peace building in Tibet. The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) defined that human rights are rights, which are equally entitled for all people in the world, no matter nationality, race or ethnicity, sex, religion, cultures or any other status. Despite the clear definition, there are a great number of human rights violations occurred in Tibet by the authority as previously noted about gender-based violence. Even though China ratified the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (United Nations, 1948), they use any means to attain their aims or to gain their profits. Their heart-less rationalism has no mercy for anything, no matter historical heritages, sense of dignity nor human life. Fernandez and Guyana (2015, p.84) found to be essential to promote and protect human rights preventing conflicts in the international society. They added that emphasizing core issues of human rights violations is necessary as a long-term prevention of collisions, wherever it occurs. However, in the case of Tibet, this is too idealistic and powerless in front of a massive state of power and it does not result in any fundamental nor constructive solutions. One of the severe human rights violations in Tibet is an unjustified arrest by the Chinese government. It is said that a lot of Tibetan people are arbitrary arrested or confined by the authority (Tibet Center for Human Rights and Democracy, 2010.). In addition, according to the report by

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