Essay On War Is Inevitable

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War is grudges between societies, different nations or different groups within a nation or a start. War can also be said to be a product of biologically innate traits or the nature of human beings. Lack of peace within a state can lead to war. Security goes hand in hand with the war whereby the insecurity of a state would lead to war and a higher and tight security brings fear in citizens of a state hence wars are less likely to occur. Human rights are the norms that give standards of the human being and everyone is entitled to them. They have been categorized into three generations; the first generation includes the right to free speech, freedom of expression and religion. The Second-generation human rights states that every individual is entitled to services like health, education, and social security. Third-generation human right demand that rights for groups such women and kids to be stated out clearly to them.
There are bodies that have been set aside to ensure that the human rights are followed to the latter. United Nations, European commission on human rights and the international community all have been seen monitoring civil rights, compiling reports from the citizens, monitoring state behavior and also ensuring there is the free and fair election. However, they are faced
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I concur with the theorist as war is a product of biologically innate human characteristics. It 's the nature of individuals to come up ideas that lead to war amongst individuals, groups, and even societies. Whenever a citizen of a certain state feels that his rights are being violated he will raise alarms where this can be taken negatively and lead to demonstration where they will be demanding their rights and freedom observation as they know there is a responsibility to protect the human right. This will definitely cause chaos since security will be used to calm them down using weapons and the citizens, may oppose leading to an outbreak of
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