The Importance Of Human Rights Protection

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The context of human rights has developed over the years that the government nowadays feels the need to secure the human rights protection. The securitization of human rights protection has to be the important part of the governmental policy in order to protect and also promote human rights in the country. Such a detail has to be put into the reinforcement of the human right protection so that the legal basis and importantly the laws that protect the human rights can ultimately reduce the number of human rights violation in the country. Besides the law reinforcement, the role of the government plays importantly in enforcing the human rights protection laws.
While the role of the government plays in the human rights protection largely, the reasons behind the governmental policy regarding human rights protection should be understood. The fact that the human rights basis is for every human being in the world becomes the reason behind every government of the country should establish and enforce such policy regarding the human rights promotion and especially human rights protection. On the other hands, the human rights protection implementation can attract the multinational corporations to invest in the country. From the security perspective, human rights protection can bring such stable national security and finally to the stable and peaceful world.
This paper explains about the government obligation to integrate human rights protection regarding from security,

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