The Importance Of Human Trafficking In Texas

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Essentially the purpose of this bill is to lessen the punishment on minors who are forced into sex trafficking, while helping to provide them with recovery programs that are stated in other bills. Along with this, the bill also harshens the punishments for those who solicit the victims and the victimizers alike. If this bill is passed and made a law one of the limitations that will be lifted off of a victim of trafficking is that they can report the crime without any set date. Currently victims can’t report the crime if it is more than 5 years ago. This bill is so states can adopt safe habor laws which basically make sure that a trafficking victim is treated as a victim not a criminal and is given the proper help they need. Currently there…show more content…
More than 2,500 cases were investigated between 2008 and 2010, according to the U.S. Justice Department, and the number of victims could be as high as 17,500. Since Texas has become a hub for the commercial sex industry and has a major highways for drug traffickers a quarter of all U.S. human trafficking cases stem in Texas.
Gov. Rick Perry signed legislation in 2011 to set stricter penalties for those convicted of human trafficking; the bill also mandated four hours of human trafficking training for law enforcement. Forty two other states have introduced similar legislation since 2004, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.
Texas State Sen. Leticia Van de Putte encouraged her fellow lawmakers to evolve better support for the victims. She has convened two hearings so far to explore ways to improve free services for human trafficking victims. These services could include shelters or safe houses, health care, mental health treatment and remedial training to prepare them to go back into the world and live a normal life. Texas isn’t alone: according to NCSL, at least 21 states have introduced legislation in the last eight years targeted toward such services
California and Texas are known to have the highest human trafficking
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Basically what Assest Forfeiture is that it allows prosecutors to ask the court to freeze all proceeds from the crime and, if the person ends up being convicted, to have those proceeds forfeited.

Civil Nuisance Abatement
City Attorneys have found nuisance abatement to be an effective tool to hold property owners accountable for crimes committed on their property. As a result, the Legislature has strengthened nuisance abatement statutes.
Victim Resources
Since there is not enough funding for victims outreach, protection, and rehabilitation hinders the prosecution of human trafficking because victims are unable or unwilling to come forward. The Legislature has taken a multi-faceted approach to providing victims with much needed support and resources.
Gov. Jan Brewer has said that Arizona would offer training to first-responders and would sponsor a public awareness campaign highlighting where victims and witnesses of trafficking can get help. Minnesota has been a leader in coordinating efforts between law enforcement, shelters, advocacy groups and

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