The Importance Of Humanism

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Humanism never encourages dogmas of all kinds, particularly religious dogmas because they ultimately tend to negate compassion. It does not admit forced conversion because it is against man’s fundamental right of freedom of faith, speech and thinking. Leen Evan Goodman in Islamic Humanism, (p-155) referred that Qur’an allows conversion, but it should not be done forcefully, “There is no compulsion in religion” (Qur’an2: 256). Many early and medieval Muslim thinkers pursued humanist, rational and scientific discourses in their search for knowledge. According to Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, who posted an article on 3rd June 2002 in PDF, “The Rise and Fall of Islamic Science: The calendar as a case study” reason behind the flourish of Islam during the Middle Ages was an early emphasis on the freedom of speech. He also mentioned that conversion gives scopes for proper argument for or against it. It was the irony that India is a secular country encountered several cases of converting during the partition and later on. How much humiliating and barbaric the process was, is authentically presented by Shani in Tamas from his personal experiences.
After looting Harnam’s village, Dhok Elahi, Ramjan and his followers notice Iqbal on the way running for life and shelter. They take it sportingly and start to chase him. At time, Iqbal could hide himself in a cave. Ramzan and his followers start to throw stones at him and say, “Sardar, we shall spare your life if you accept the faith (275; ch. 17).

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