Does Humanity Exist In Times Of Tragedy Essay

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Does humanity exist in times of tragedy? This is a question asked by many people. To find the answer, history must be looked at and closely examined. First off, what is humanity? Well, the definition of humanity is humanness, or benevolence. Synonyms for humanity are brotherly love, kindness, compassion, understanding, sympathy. Now that humanity is defined, and there is no confusion, humanity can be examined in history. During times of tragedy, humanity can be found during Elie Wiesel’s story, Vladek Spiegelman’s story, and during 911 of a brave Canadian town opening it’s runway’s during a time of American tragedy. The holocaust was a devastating time in history toward a group of individual people that have been hated since the beginning of time. During the holocaust, the Jewish race was dehumanized to the point of no return. Someone that is going to share…show more content…
After 911, a brave canadian town opened it runways and hearts to over 7,000 911 survivors. “When the United States shut down its airspace, tiny Gander International Airport in Newfoundland opened its runways, taking in 38 wide-body planes on transatlantic routes.”(Dvorak). This shows a lot of humanity from the canadian town that opened it’s runways. They were not even in the same country! This just goes to show that humanity can be expressed anywhere. “The people of Gander, a town of no more than 10,000, looked at all those planes lined up at the airport and didn’t think of terrorism, didn’t see potential attacks. They just wanted to help.” (Dvorak). This also shows bravery by them because they did not know what was going to come off of the planes. Some may think, they didn’t have to do that, it was very dangerous. But, that is what humanity is. It is caring for others. They did not know the people that were on the planes but they knew that they had just went through a time of tragedy and they knew that they had to help out because it was obviously the right thing to
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