The Importance Of Humanity In Life

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Does humanity exist in times of tragedy? This is a question asked by many people. To find the answer, history must be looked at and closely examined. First off, what is humanity? Well, the definition of humanity is humanness, or benevolence. Synonyms for humanity are brotherly love, kindness, compassion, understanding, sympathy. Now that humanity is defined, and there is no confusion, humanity can be examined in history. During times of tragedy, humanity can be found during Elie Wiesel’s story, Vladek Spiegelman’s story, and during 911 of a brave Canadian town opening it’s runway’s during a time of American tragedy. The holocaust was a devastating time in history toward a group of individual people that have been hated since the beginning of time. During the holocaust, the Jewish race was dehumanized to the point of no return. Someone that is going to share his horrendous story is Elie Wiesel in Night. Even though the holocaust was so dark, there can still be evidence of humanity between the characters for the ones that they love and care about. “I dragged myself to my corner. I ached all over. I felt a cool hand wiping my blood-stained forehead. It was the French girl. She gave me her mournful smile and slipped a bit of bread into my hand.”(Wiesel 50). This is a great example of humanity that is expressed during times of tragedy. Prior to this, Elie had just got beaten up for some unknown reason. The French girl seen it and decided to slip him a piece of bread. “But alas,

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