The Human Body: A Documentary Analysis

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The worldly things are not good when they provide harm to you and your body. You should change with the world as it is moving too fast without slowing down for anyone but you don’t have to follow the world so religiously that you forget about your own priorities and your own health as your own health is the only thing that should matter to you.
A human body is like a temple and one should treat it like a temple. The world is going towards modernization and it is not giving anyone any chance to stay as it is, a person needs to move forward in his life in order to cope up with the life. People tend to move forward without thinking and without looking for themselves. Life is a race, and all of the people are running in this race as each other’s
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All of the victims described in the documentary are the normal people who are not really living a normal life, because of certain reasons; they may be family reasons or the reasons that are not even valid for having such a miserable life. The eating disorders may start from the dieting that is so common these days, or they may arise due to the negligence by the family of a person. The different cases and the different individuals described in the documentary are the victims of dieting or the negligence of their families. The lives of these individuals have changed after they have been admitted to the Renfrew, as they are now under the supervision of the professional staff at the Renfrew. They are all from different backgrounds and different cultures, but now they all have to live together and they all have to fight with this disease together. Their lives are changed now and there have been a major transition in their lives after they are shifted to the Renfrew. The potential reasons for the changes that occurred in these patients’ lives are that these people were too conscious about the world; these victims thought that the world has to see them as a perfect human being (that is not possible). So they tried out the things that were not suitable for a normal human being just to try to be perfect, and in the process they gradually lost their selves, and they lost…show more content…
As the women of today’s era are so mesmerized by the other cultures through TV shows or through internet that they forget what they really are, and they try their best to follow the other cultures that are more prominent than theirs. This leads them to having these types of issues, as different cultures are not suitable for everyone. They are suitable for only the people who have been living in those cultures for ages.
Globalization and Modernization:
It is the most important cause behind the common problems in the head of many young girls. They take modernization so literally that they forget about themselves. If size zero is inn, then they would do anything to be a size zero, not taking care of themselves, and not understanding the consequences of trying to be one. Modernization tells us to change with the time but it doesn’t really mean that we have to forget what we really were and what we are capable
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