Argumentative Essay: The Role Of Hunting In Our Society

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Hunting has been a part of our society since the first man set foot on this continent, but animal rights movements have become popular in our society recently that has questioned the necessity of hunting in our modern times. Because of this, animal populations are left freely to where they can multiply at an alarming rate. Hunting is a great means of controlling animal populations’ growth, although greatly opposed by many. While hunting is a very controversial topic in our society, there are great points for being for and against it. Hunting is a way that humans see to keep balance of the ecosystem. Ecosystems are composed of a predator prey relationships that help keep balance within it. Without predators the prey population would rise to a point where the ecosystem does not have enough resources to support them, causing starvation and eventually death within the population. The population would get to a point where there is …show more content…

Hunting creates a national economic impact of about $61 billion and has supported over seven-hundred billion jobs. Hunting also brings in about $1.4 billion in state tax revenues and $1.7 billion in federal income taxes. Hunting isn’t a cheap past time, in order to even attempt to get an animal you must first purchase a license every season. Hunting is well regulated between the federal and state governments in order to prevent over hunting. The problem that can come up is illegal hunting and poaching. Poaching and illegal hunting can cause an off set in the ecosystem by overhunting animals. When one animal population decline drastically, other organisms are affected too. The decline in native predators is the main cause for overpopulation of animals like deer. Deer overpopulation has led to rapid decrease vegetation life causing other animals to be put at risk. Removing predators from the food web disrupts the entire balance of an

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