Hunting Goblin Persuasive Speech

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Hunting Goblins can be fun as long as they do not see you. You Sneak up on one and shoot him in the head. From behind him if possible. Of course if the goblin sees you things can get messy. Being twelve years sucks in many ways. But because i am young i get extra experience from a goblin kill. I can get titles and the right to classes a lot easier. Of course there are risks. About one in four kids who train like this are killed. My father explained the reason i had to get extra experience to me once. You have older brothers Wrath they are going to be taking over the farm. We do not have much so your going to have to take up a profession. It can take years to reach level 10 being a tailer or even accountant. So i am sorry son but we are going to have to level you up now.…show more content…
Breath in breath out kill a goblin. I nail the goblin. A single shot takes the goblin in the head. My dad nods his head. “Good job son take the crossbow and try and snipe another Goblin. I will stay here so you get all the experience. Remember drop the crossbow after you fire I will pick it up later.” Goblins have a great sense of smell so I check the wind and my father nods his head at me. I carefully approach the goblin camp. There are several goblins sleeping under a tree. I aim at the biggest and shoot him in the head. I drop the crossbow and get ready to run when i notice something. The goblins are not moving. Thats when it hits me i am going to die. This must be a ambush. I stop moving and look around. I hear a sound was that bird or is a monster coming to kill me. I stand next to the tree and try to be unnoticeable as i reload the
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