Summary: The Importance Of Hunting In Wildlife Populations

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Hunting has always been a part of American culture. It started out as a necessity for providing food when America was first being settled. Now, as America has modernized, hunting has become a mere hobby for many. For these avid hunters, wildlife populations are a major concern. When a species population diminishes there is no longer an excess which can be readily hunted. Controlling the wildlife populations would tremendously help with this issue and many others. Certain rural Colorado wildlife species that are commonly hunted are experiencing population shifts that influence the lives of Department of Wildlife (DOW) employees, ranchers, and hunters. There are many varied causes for unsteady wildlife populations. These causes include human intervention, such as automobile accidents, overhunting, pollution and/or the availability of natural resources. There are hundreds of possible solutions, yet many would require government intervention to accomplish. The best solution for this issue may be a community service project that would help raise community awareness about the issue at hand and promote involvement in helping to combat…show more content…
The water we use usually comes from a well, which taps into an underground aquifer. The extended use of this aquifer will cause it to eventually run dry. Irrigation water for farms also is pulled from this aquifer. When there is no more water in this aquifer it can no longer produce springs which replenishes the water used from the streams and pools that animals drink from. If the “Area farmers implement conservation practices” it would also help reduce the use of water and help protect the wildlife habitats (The Wildlife Preservation Project 2018 survey). By taking part in preserving water sources and spreading this message to others, the animals of our Earth will thrive, not just

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