Hygiene Reflective Essay

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Hygiene is an ongoing issue in the health care system. Its importance dates back to the nineteenth century. The Centers for Disease Control is a supporting organization for providing evidence for using appropriate hygiene. Hygiene is mouth care, bathing, washing hands, plus more. The use of proper hygiene can prevent infections and reduce the spread of several diseases. A second solution to enhance proper hygiene is to involve nurses and patients in their care. Nurses and patients will be watching a video on what proper hygiene is and what it means when it is not done. Nurses will also utilize a checklist to ensure patients are performing good hygiene. Implementation takes many resources that include time, money, and participation. The overall project enhanced knowledge while there…show more content…
We went through a process of discussing the topic and then researching it, which my preceptor shared a few articles with me they had found. They expressed concern that it would be hard to find research. Then, I shared my implementation idea, the results I was experiencing, and observations. The whole experience with my preceptor has been positive. He allows me to express my ideas and he steers me in a different direction if he feels I need it; the only negative thing to it all is I work night shift and he works day shift so it can be hard to find a good meeting time. In conclusion, hygiene is very important to reduce the spread of germs. The CDC and WHO have researched what proper hygiene can do and have made standards for washing hands in healthcare. My second solution was to implement a video and use a checklist. My overall project allowed many people to gain insight about hygiene, although the project itself will most likely not stick. My preceptor was very helpful with the project and there were no negative

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