Hyperrealism Critical Thinking Analysis

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In my personal opinion, I feel that hyperrealism does not belong to a genre and they are not creative or imaginative. Technical and skills involved to give a reality illusion in works is one thing. Taking a photograph would be so much easier rather then painting it. As to compare to Jackson Pollock’s painting, from the image above, he does painting in the form of abstract expressionism. He has a very unique style of doing his work, which is laying a very large piece of blank canvas onto the floor instead of using the traditional easel. He painted with very impulsive brush strokes rapidly or splashing the paint onto the canvas. He also used different kind of tools such as paint cans with holes at the bottom, sticks and knives as “brush” to…show more content…
I love it how it is astounding and it demands a lot of technical skills. The fact that photographs are the source to hyperrealism paintings is true. I feel that hyperrealism is taking something real and the limitations of a human eye. Even though the paintings are made by just projecting a photograph onto a larger scale of canvas, photorealism and hyperrealism paintings may not be very creative or imaginative. Glenn Vilppu, an artist once mentioned that “never copy the model, analyze it!” However, with the practice of looking at something and understanding it and analyzing the proportion of he subject, the structure, the lighting, the gesture and so on. After that the artist will then draw the subject where all these have to be go through deep thoughts and put it into the work. So before the artist decided to paint, the chosen subject from the photo taken was based on the intensity of emotional expression and the expressions chosen cannot be improved further more. Artist uses the photographs as references and it is really hard to keep the concentration level. The subjects in the photo will not be appeared flat but playing of the light and shadow or the precise rendering of the outlines of the composition will be obvious, making the painting come to alive. Hyper realistic painting takes effort and many years to master it to paint something so real that confuse the
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