The Importance Of IT Audit

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As computer technology has advanced, Government organizations have become increasingly dependent on computerized information systems to carry out their operations and to process, maintain, and report essential information. As a consequence, the reliability of computerized data and of the systems that process, maintain and report these data are a major concern to audit. IT
Auditors evaluate the reliability of computer generated data supporting financial statements and analyze specific programs and their outcomes. In addition, IT Auditors examine the adequacy of controls in information systems and related operations to ensure system effectiveness.
IT Audit is the process of collecting and evaluating evidence to determine whether
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Part II: IT Audit in the process of financial audit
After outlining the main impacts of the new technologies of information and communication on the business and financial audit, it is clear that IT audit has become a necessary element in a financial audit.
IT audit, in its broadest sense, can handle multiple aspects covering the function computer applications as well.
However, it is worth noting that in the context of a financial audit mission is looking for reliability that is privileged. Other aspects of effectiveness and efficiency, generally covered by the operational audit is not required by the financial audit.

Chapter 1: The need to use a computer audit and its role in a mission to financial audit

It’s during the mission planning that the need of IT audit use is felt. This delicate phase of the mission is usually conducted by the signer of the report.
We recall in this section the process of applying for planning a mission of financial audit and determine where it is appropriate to use the IT
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If the possible need to use the services of the audit is expressed, the head of IT audit mission will prepare a strategic plan and work program will be subject to approval by the Head of Mission financial audit in lieu of letter internal mission.
The strategic plan shows essentially the following:
• A summary of the main elements collected on the information system related to the general structure of the IT organization, the configuration of the computer system, the nature and scope of computerized information processing, the complexity of systems and treatment, etc.
• A plan of rotation between the business units and a plane of rotation between the components: In the case where the data processing system is decentralized, each unit has its own organization of the IT function, its programs and applications. The auditor may need to visit each location potentially significant to the audit. Although the company policy dictates the use of identical procedures at each location, the auditor will need to consider whether the procedures are actually

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