The Importance Of IT Governance

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IT Governance is a set of processes that ensure the efficient use of IT to every organization to align IT strategy with business strategy , to track their status, to achieve their goals , to implementing their strategies and to measure IT’s performance . IT governance is focused on establishing investment descisions and oversight processes that helps the business. IT governance covers few major guidance : how IT should be used in the business , How It Deparment is functioning overall , who makes the decisions and how it represents ,what are the key management metrics are need , how much pofits did the IT is giving back to the business , concerned with business cases and investments which describes…show more content…
• to Define how the enterprise should design and implement IT investment decision-making and oversight processes.
• to Determine the approach to designing and implementing an IT management scheme. It should track investments,funding and policies, and determine the measures of success for approved investments.
• Attaining agreement on priorities .
• Contribute to performance metrics.
• To understand the resources necessary to accomplish the initiatives. Organizations , which don’t have effective governance suffer from low performance, high risk exposure, and resource allocation that may appear inappropriate. Organizations should follow four areas of governance to be effective .
1. Enterprise Architecture : It is a blueprint regarding technology , people , processes and information about the business .it will reduce the long term cost and enables the IT to be responsive to business needs .

2. Protofolio Management : It is used to balancing the needs for detailed analysis and making fast decisions . It manages high project demand with limited resources . The key is to create a process that builds a portfolio that will generate the most business
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Information risk and Security : The "consumerization" of IT and the emergence of cloud technologies means that more and more information is located outside the entreprise firewall. Governance of plans, policies and frameworks is critical as organizations experience an explosion in the number and diversity of risks. The organizations have a way to structure the information risk function and its governance mechanisms helps protect technology and information from both internal misuse and external disruptions.

Information security governance is nothing but the tools and business processes that ensure that security is carried out to meet an specific needs of an organization . It requires roles and responsibilities , organizational structure, performance measurement, defined tasks and oversight mechanisms. Implementing a risk evaluating for all information in a company is costly, time-consuming and can make pressure to the available resources . It’s is difficult to the organization to identify the right level of details which are in risk and access risk based on the business .
Few basic outcomes of information security should be included in IT governance
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