The Importance Of Ideal Food For Children

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Food is essential for human life, since it provides the nutrients and energy we need to keep our body functioning. As several specialized publications explain, that is why a balanced diet is vital for children development and growth, as well as for reducing their risk of suffering from different diseases.

According to nutritionists, there are numerous factors influencing how parents feed their kids, such as social factors (religion, culture, etc.), economic factors (family income, food price, etc.), and educational factors, among others. Furthermore, this also will largely depend on parents’ opinions, about which food is healthy and appropriate for their children, what in turn is heavily influenced by mass media advertising. Nowadays, media
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It contains all the nutrients a baby needs in his first months and evolves according to baby’s dietary needs. Furthermore, it benefits baby’s immune system, their long term health, helps preventing obesity and contributes to a higher intellectual coefficient. As reported by several publications, breast milk contains antibodies helping your baby fight different types of bacteria and virus. Additionally, as these antibodies are directly transferred from the mother, this allows baby to fight danger viruses and bacterias he will face daily in his environment. No formula can provide this personalized benefit. As several scientific researches have established, babies who are exclusively fed with breast milk for the first six months of their lives, suffer fewer from respiratory diseases, intestinal and digestive discomfort, or ear infections. On average, a newborn baby needs to be nursed every two - three hours. After eating, the baby sleeps and awake just when he is hungry again. There are further signs of a hungry baby, for example, if he cries, if he moves his mouth like looking for the food source and if he puts his hands into his moths and try to suck

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