The Importance Of Identity Beliefs

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Identity creates bonds that help society’s move forward together. However, moving into a country or town that holds strong identity beliefs can have damaging effects if you do not believe them as well. Identities are created on various traits such as race, religion and even politics. Living with a certain identity as your own can help you develop skills and beliefs that will help you live. Although identities can be beneficial, group member’s often look for negative parts of an out-group in order to make themselves look better. Identities can also create issues such as prejudice and racism. By looking at it from an anthropological viewpoint, we can see how when a person comes into a place where they do not share the same identity it can cause an uproar and judgement. People from the majority identity will look for reasons and force the outcast to be looked down upon. Having an identity can help in a child’s well-being, it can allow them to feel as though they belong. However, when someone is raised with only one set of views put in front of them it can cause issues in the long run of not accepting other people who identify differently. Identity creates a type of racism that puts the people in the identity in a box like community, meaning they only see them as the possible identity and anyone else who tries to join under a different identity is wrong and shouldn’t be allowed to live among them. I believe that if we were to not have specific identity groups the world would

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