The Importance Of Identity Development

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Identity can be the way others see you or the way that you see yourself. For young teens identity development is very important, as this is how they could be viewed for the rest of their lives. When your identity develops that is how people start to see you and it can be hard to change, especially if they see you as a bad person. A good identity is much easier to lose than a bad one. When developing your identity, many things can affect the development. A major thing however is where and how you grew up. These things can range from the location where you grew up or the identity and presence of your parents. Many may find that their identity is just the same as their parents or just the exact opposite. Your parents will have a certain identity that they developed over the years and it will influence their child. When a child…show more content…
If a child 's parents are bad influences, then the child is more than likely going to become a bad person, because it is easier than developing a whole new identity for themselves. However, the child can choose to turn their life around and be seen as a good person, because they do not want to be seen as to have the same identity as their parents. The same can go with very good parents that have good influences, because sometimes it is easier not to do the right thing and have a bad identity. Today, you can have a variety of different parents, a father and a mother are most common, however you may also have two fathers, two mothers, only one parent, or even a mother, father, and step parents. This can greatly affect identity development. When a child has only a mother in their household, they are lacking a father figure.”Single parenting is broadly defined as a household maintained by a maternal caregiver.” Which, in a single mother household means they have no male figure in the household and it is completely maintained by the mother or maternal guardian. During middle school, male adolescents seem to be

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