The Importance Of Identity

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I am a heterosexual American female with red hair and blue eyes. I am not religious or wealthy. I am aware of my identity and where I fall on the social hierarchy. Understanding identity means to recognize how we fit in with other groups of people who may have more social, political, and economic power. Identities fulfill many roles, it’s how we characterize our learned responses through family, institutions, media, and ourselves, our learned behavior in society through stereotypes, our values and belief systems, and other social and historical constructs. “Identity is evoked in the ways we talk about oppression and privilege, or about who is included and who is excluded in any number of social contexts. There are many ways to conceptualize identity. We often think of it as something core to who we are, as something biological or psychological that is then expressed by how we look or talk or move. Or, we might think about identity as something we possess or come to acquire, as if it’s our own personal property that no one else can take from us”(Braithwaite and Orr). We all seek out our own objectives in life but we also want to be apart of groups. Identity groups help guide, constrain, and satisfy our need of belonging. A sense of identity is often created through groups through learned expectations on how one should view the world weather negative or positive. With identity comes intersectionality or the other aspects of humanity. “Intersectionality is thus a concept that

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