The Role Of Ideology In Translation And Journalism

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Journalism plays a vital role in the age of information. People around the world have become more interested in being aware and well-informed about whatever goes on in the world. From politics to economics, from technology to entertainment, one is able to access information easier than ever. Newspapers, T.V channels, and news agencies are all accessible to the public through their official websites. Most of these websites deliver latest news objectively except for some fake news websites. Mainstream Media as the BBC, CNN, The Guardian, Huffington Post,…etc are reliable and trustworthy sources of information in various languages. However, some news agencies are delivering false or fake news. There are some Media outlets that are mostly government-owned…show more content…
Translation and Journalism both have a remarkable role in delivering and reporting news. According to Hana (2012), journalism and translation inform the reader as well as spread news and information more easily. She also acknowledges the fact that these two disciplines are of use to one another by explaining that in order to have news to publish, one should look for it then translate it from the source language to the target language. Therefore, both journalists and translators have what Hana calls ‘manipulative power’ (2012). Susan Bassnet simplifies the role of ideology in media as she states:
“ Media texts not only mirror reality but also construct versions of it, and analysis can show how and when certain choices are made – what is excluded/included, foregrounded/backgrounded, made explicit/ implicit, thematized/silenced. In dealing with translating written media, we do very often focus on political news, international relations, wars, etc”.(2006:9) The product of translation in some cases could clearly show the ideological beliefs of the translator. The translator’s intervention in a text could be traced to his socio-political principles and convictions (Farghal 2012). Moreover, it could actually reflect the principles and convictions of the media outlet she/he works
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In dealing with translating written media, we do very often focus on political news, international relations, wars, etc.P.9( Bassnett, 2006:9)

The focus in this paper will be on the media coverage of ‘The White Helmets’ or ‘Syria Civil Defence’. The topic seems simple which is a humanitarian rescue organization that represent the glimpse of hope in Syria, however, the propaganda created by several sources makes it a controversial topic. Considering the risks threatening the lives of reporters and journalists, No one can deeply investigate the allegations made against the organization.
The paper also questions the availability of news article regarding the work of this humanitarian organization in both English and Arabic media outlets. Moreover, Syrian and Russian media outlets will be examined on how they are willing to sacrifice their credibility for the sake of the governments’ ideological and political

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