The Importance Of Ignorance In Islam

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the people? Arabs are mostly interested in farming or in fighting. They can barely follow if not helped to do so, and that includes me. Because the outside world is stupid, we benefit. Christian Europe persecutes Jews, and many have come here, along with brighter Christians who seek to know the truth, but are persecuted by the church in Rome, because the people there do not even understand their own religion. All of these people come here, because we accept them, and value them as a treasure for us to use. They are a gift to Allah, even though they keep their own religion. Together we are making al-Andalus the intellectual centre of the world. In the Christian areas, it is a pigsty of ignorance, which they value more than truth.” Hisham” Why should this be so, it makes no sense.” Abdur “Who are the people who are the greatest artisans, who are the best traders, who are involved in international banking, who have developed their own religious laws here to a level that makes our efforts look feeble, are the Jews. They are like the Umayyads. They believe in learning, and they do so from the beginning. They never stop. They become more competent in every area than traditional Muslims, because they never stop learning. Regrettably, most Muslims never start. Ignorance is the enemy, and we have succeeded by fighting ignorance every step of the…show more content…
Trust the government of the provinces to wise, and experienced men, and punish without mercy, those who oppress the people. Treat soldiers with gentle firmness, so that they remain the defenders of the state, and not its destroyers Encourage and protect the cultivators, for it is they who provide our sustenance...Never cease to merit the affection of your people, in their good will is the security of the state, in their anger, there is danger, and in their hatred there is certain ruin. And rule so that the people bless you, so that they live happily in the shadow of your protection, for that is the glory, and joy of a

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