The Importance Of Illegal Immigrants

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The United States has an influx of illegal immigrants from many different countries. There are 1.3 million immigrants moving into the U.S. each year. Of these, the top ten countries immigrants migrate from are Mexico, accounting for 27% of U.S. immigrants, India accounting for 6% of the immigrants, followed by 5% coming from both China and the Philippines. El Salvador, Vietnam, and Cuba each account for 3% of U.S. immigrants. Lastly, the Dominican Republic, Korea, and Guatemala each having 2% of immigrants migrating to the United States (Zong). These immigrants come to America from their home countries seeking a new life, prosperity, and asylum. However, they come illegally and live under the grid. Many immigrants find jobs getting paid…show more content…
They must show proof of employment and tax records showing payment of taxes to the IRS along with this application. A criminal background check is processed to check for criminal history while in the U.S. They will be issued a permanent social security card and green card to work indefinitely in the Unites States upon a thorough enquiry into their background and work status. They may apply for citizenship once this is complied with, if they choose. By paying for and attending classes on U.S. history, government system, and general knowledge of the U.S. culture, this citizenship can be accomplished. After a series of classes, tests, and passing grades, they can possess citizenship and be eligible for any government programs and benefits such as Social Security, Medicare, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, public housing, and…show more content…
By offering those currently here an opportunity to work for legal status, Americans benefit from the additional taxes paid by them, lessening the burden on taxpayers. They will have the same opportunity as American-born natives, while contributing to the community and government as all other citizens do. American people can be employed in higher paying positions as the lower paying positions are taken care of by the illegal immigrants, raising their average incomes. By implementing this plan, it gives illegal immigrants great opportunities they came to America looking for, while easing the American people’s complaints of them not paying their fair share of taxes and taking their jobs. The government gets more tax income, more jobs are created by having a larger population, which creates a need for more teachers, more road workers, more fire fighters, and police. This proposal addresses concerns of U.S. citizens as well as benefits current illegal
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