The Importance Of Image In The Media

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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 OVERVIEW Media conveys information. Image is also one among the media and also an important one among all. All other media’s totally depend on image. Image play a very important role in almost all the fields in the world. So we could define it as follows, It is an object form that records visual sensitivity. It is generally classified as two and three dimensional images. It is also known as the artificial resemblance in painting or sculpture. Two dimensional images include screen display and photographs whereas three dimensional images include hologram and statues. These images can be seized by using optical devices such as mirrors, cameras, telescopes, lenses, microscopes and so on. Pie charts, graphs, maps, paintings come under the broader sense of two dimensional images. These images can be automatically rendered by using computer graphics technology and printing process. It can also be manually rendered by the art of painting, craving and different types of drawings. The below figure shows an example for a two dimensional image: Images can be further classified into three types. They are as follows: Volatile Image, mental image, still image and film still. Image that exists only for a short period of time is known as volatile image. A volatile image may be just a reflected object from a mirror or else it may be a scene displayed in cathode ray tube or a projection of an image from a camera. These images can be further printed or

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