The Importance Of Imagination

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Imagination is a kind of mind illusion that are not perceived through our senses. In a more correct way, people form new images and sensation through their mind. People like this are told to be creative. Without we realize, imagination actually can give motivation to us to strive for what we have imagined, as long as it is possible enough to be achieved. It seems like we are talking and interacting to ourself through our mind. Sometimes we will get some brilliant ideas only after we imagine something. But, up to a certain point, imagination can give trouble to us if we are imagining too much. It means, it can control our mind and makes us think unwisely. I myself likes to imagine about many things. Sometimes I start to imagine something without…show more content…
I want to replace all those wasted times at past by traveling around the world, which would be more beneficial. This is because, all this while there’s not much places that I’ve visited, neither locally or abroad. There is too many places that are worth to visit and I would be regret if I can never step to all those places. For instance, I want to get a vacation to oversea with loved ones. If possible, I wanted to feel free and enjoy all the vacations without having to worry about anything else. I likes to experience and explore new things and it would be awesome if I can spend much time traveling around the world, or even to the places where nobody ever know about the existence. It would be really awesome if I become a founder of an amazing places to visit. By doing so, I can learn how to appreciate the creation of God and take good care of all the resources. Not only that, I can also learn about the places itself. In other words, about the citizens, culture and many else. Each places have their own speciality and I think it would be wasted if not many people have experience to explore themself all the valuable places
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