The Importance Of Imagination In Education

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IMAGINATION IN LEARNING AND TEACHING Human beings can reach the things they cannot achieve or have not obtained yet in life by way of imagination. In other words, imagination creates a preview in the mind by designing the targeted future. When the imagination or dream is remarked, various images come out people’s minds such as being a millionaire, living a space, being visible etc. However, the thing called as imagination is limitless. Dreams also that require the possibility of realization can be accommodated in the imagination. Whatever happens, it is ability to imagine that ties people to life and keeps alive them. Dreaming leads the brain to generate ideas in order to realize that dream, thus creativity occurs. Creativity and imagination are associated with each other. Imagination is required for creativity. When the importance of imagination is mentioned, for instance, J.K.Rowling emphasizes the importance of the imagination at the Harvard commencement by saying that imagination is not the particularly human ability to image. It is the power that enables people to empathize with other people whose experiences have never been shared (Bierker, 2013). Imagination in the life of human beings…show more content…
In this sense, the role of education is important. It can be possible to enlarge the child’s perception through education by providing visual, auditory, tactual activities. These activities are useful for children, but the children should not be interfered too much because they should experience some things themselves. Thus, the images shaped by the experiences and observations of the child in his/her mind cultivates imagination of the child so creativity takes form. When the child reaches adolescence, by focusing on his/her own interests and skills, he/she can increase the direction of producing or empathizing with the

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