The Importance Of Iman In Islam

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The first explanation that would be discussed in this paper is about faith or mostly known as Iman. First and foremost, it is important to know and understand the meaning of iman in Islam before the going to the deeper explanation. Iman is a firm belief in something that is real which is with evidence. In another words, the common and easiest meaning of iman is to believe with one’s heart, to confess with one’s tongue and to demonstrate in one’s physical actions. It is believe that iman is the soul of the heart and the body. Therefore, it is also the key of happiness. The best concept to understand the greatness of iman is when the higher someone is climbing in the level of iman, the higher the person could taste the sweetness of iman. It can be proved by the hadith that the Prophet Muhammad ṣallā Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam said in a ḥadīth reported by Imām al-Bukhārī and Muslim:
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If they are mentioned in the same place, surrender actually means outward action while faith means as inward action. Nevertheless, if either one of them is mentioned on its own, it is taken to mean both which there is no difference between them. The Prophet explained that iman is being faith and the submission of the heart. In another words, it is the faith to Allah, His Angels, His books, His messengers, the Last Day and the Fate and the Destiny. On the contrary, the Prophet Muhammad explained that Islam is surrender to the particular things namely in five pillars of Islam. Iman is when the intellectual combined with emotional response and the taqwa (fear of Allah) and it will bring an outcome which is the action. Therefore, Prophet Muhammad said: ‘Surrender is public and faith is in the heart’. In addition, a Mu’min is the combination of knowledge, emotional and will which are all involved

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