Essay About Immigration To America

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After the Civil War immigrants from Europe and Asia traveled to America in hopes of a better life, many were disappointed however, to find a life similar to the one they were trying to leave behind. The United States was said to be the “promised lands” or the country of freedom and success, and it was, mostly though, for those who were white and also men. Immigrants felt coming to America was right for them for many reasons, being that they were pushed to leave their countries for their own personal struggles and they were pulled to the U.S. with all of it’s talk of being the land of the free. During this time however, dark times were beginning to be made a little easier with recent innovations and technology that changed the lives of all people for the rest of time.…show more content…
Other immigrants found work as buggy or streetcar drivers assisting those traveling within the city to their work or home, etc. Another job that immigrants could find was working as artisans, which were people who produced and sold their own products, for example a women would sew clothing items and sell them for whatever price she likes. The hours and working conditions were terrible unfortunately. Workers would have to work long hours, non-stop with little to no lunch breaks. In many working industries at the time, if a worker were to feel he needed a break to rest or eat, he risked being fired and replaced on the spot by his manager. Another difficulty faced with hours and labor was when a man named Frederick Taylor thought of the “Scientific Management Method” which stated that a manager should supervise each section of a job and time how long it would take for each part to be
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